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Our CLIENT RANGE extends from small companies and start-ups (typically with global amibitions) to major corporates, government departments in several countries, and international institutions such as the European Commission. We have also worked extensively for and with non-governmental organisations and charities.



  • objective and constructive responses to problems and opportunities

  • good understanding of practicalities, ensuring the feasibility of recommendations

  • positive attitudes to other consultancies and client implementation teams

  • top-class management thinking 

  • wide-ranging social, political and cultural perspectives

  • international management and marketing expertise

  • ability to refresh and challenge internal thinking

  • fee rates which reflect quality and uniqueness and are competitive with major consultancies

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most new clients arise from referrals by previous clients

about 50% of our work is from previous clients

we selectively respond to public invitations to tender

other professional firms introduce us to prospects

we join other members of the Richmond Group to reinforce their client offering 


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