Management Partners

Mission and Values

Our mission is

  • to work with interesting and well-run organisations which are making a positive, well-considered contribution to society and the economy

  • to be respected for the quality of the advice and support we give

  • to give value for money because of the match of our skills to the needs of clients and the flexibility, intelligence and maturity of our approach

  • to keep ourselves constantly up to date with developments in management thinking and ourselves to contribute to greater understanding of the area. 

Our policy in recruiting staff and associates is to give priority to experience, maturity, breadth of skills, lasting commitment, positive but critical thinking and good team chemistry.


 The values on which we seek to base our reputation are

  • honesty and clarity - with a friendly face

  • penetrating observation and critique

  • constructive practical thinking and realistic proposals

  • our commitment to develop skills and insights built on our experience

  • humanity and trustworthiness in our dealings

  • a network based on quality rather than short-term opportunity and profit

To comment on this statement of mission and values, or how well we have lived up to it, please contact


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