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Management Consultancy

Our management consultancy practice operates at boardroom level in the private sector and with policymakers and senior administrators in the public sector.  We will help implement recommendations and provide assistance to get over short-term crises, but we seek always to retain a focus on strategic and policy issues.

Our work is 50:50 for major companies and institutions and for government local, national and international.


Our preference is to look at specific issues - opportunities to grow, to innovate or rationalise, or situations where progress needs to be re-started. We test and validate both the arguments being put forward and the alleged facts - often by direct investigation. We can then offer practical experience, theoretical insights, and planning, modelling or management skills usually in the same person to help the organisation move forward with confidence.

Of particular interest to use are the new opportunities and challenges arising from changing consumer tastes and culture, new market entry and globalisation, and technology-enabled change  including the modernisation of government and public services.

ESTABLISHED CLIENTS typically find that we work in partnership with their staff, turning issues into opportunities, developing and deploying strategy, and offering direct, challenging, advice based on a mix of experience and tailored research conducted specifically for their assignment.

NEW CLIENTS often to come to us through referral and would typically engage us on an assignment looking at, for instance:

  • Issues delaying strategic moves - using us to crack the 'hard nuts'

  • Strategy, proposal or bid review - validating, refining, inspiring and "red team" reviewing

  • Facilitating change - culture, communication, standards

  • Marketing diligence - prospects, globalisation, competition assessment

  • Governance review - private/public, subsidiaries, regulatory systems


USPs in Consultancy

Non-doctrinaire but abreast of theoretical approaches

Hands-on business experience

Focus on creative approaches, reframing and innovation

Commitment to testing arguments and evidence

Rapid understanding of technical and legal issues

Constructive, implementable recommendations

Bridging private and public sectors

Large firm skills delivered in person

Our personal approach:

 Exceptionally committed

 Critical and probing


 Constructive, implementation oriented

Sense of humour

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