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Management Partners believes in the power of networks:

  • networks for our clients to optimise their efficiency and effectiveness and maintain their contact with key stakeholders and groups

  •  ‘Managed’ networks around particular subjects, where we proactively bring together selected organisations, and provide experts, research and working group discussions to help explore opportunities, e.g. of new concepts and developments.

Management Partners consultants and partners have created and led managed networks in areas such as IT procurement, culture change in newly-emergent states of Central and East Europe, development of shareable  information resources for advice agencies


Management input from Management Partners can offer

  • More rapid accumulation of the desired contacts

  •  Screening, or pre-qualification, of prospective network members

  •  A trusted third party who can handle discussions about sensitive commercial or cultural concerns of new members

  •  A management input to make sure that contacts are kept fresh and that misunderstandings are recognised and addressed early


The networks set up will depend on the degree of interest from potential participants. During 2004 we shall be inviting participation in MP managed networks on :

  • Partnering

  • Intangibles

  • The implications of Turkey’s potential membership of the EU



USPs in Networking

Expertise in subject matter

Access to world experts

Academic insight and credentials

Business experience

In-house research

Support for report-back in participating organisations


Our personal approach:

Open to original ideas

Responsive to group wishes

Concise and clear

Care about the subject

Care about the network


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