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FP7 Support

Management Partners provides support to organisations participating in FP7 bids and projects:

  • partner search

  • challenge and validation of project objectives

  • negotiation of partnering model/basis for cooperation

  • bid management

  • "red team" review of responses to Calls

  • assistance with redrafting and presentation

  • dispute avoidance/resolution mechanisms built in

  • partnership chairmanship/trusted third party

  • project management

  • assessment and scrutiny of project activities

  • marketing feasibility studies

  • exploitation planning

Management Partners consultants and partners have created, assessed and managed numerous European Union Framework Programme projects and supporting actions in areas ranging from ICT to economic and social research.


Management input from Management Partners can offer

  • More rapid accumulation of the desired contacts

  • Screening, or pre-qualification, of prospective network members

  • Diplomatic handling of negotiations to secure the best mix and size of consortium

  • Workshopping the basis for collaboration and governance (using our tested guidelines to minimise risk and friction)

  • Consortium agreement and IPR issue negotiation

  • Comprehensive support and challenge/review during the development of your response to Call for Proposals

  • A trusted third party who can handle discussions about sensitive commercial or cultural concerns of new members

  • Ongoing input to make sure that good relations are maintained and that misunderstandings are recognised and addressed early


  • Project managed to a professional standard (if we manage it)

  • Review of issues and concerns and following  them up with senior staff of other partners (if we are external trusted third party) 

  • Positive outcome-oriented focus in resolving areas of dispute

  • Marketing expertise and insight to plan future exploitation

  • Project support for implementation and roll-out after project completion



USPs in FP7 Support

Focus on subject matter as well as process

Market and feasibility studies

Academic insight and credentials

Project management and Business experience

Facilitation skills

Native English speakers and text editors


Our personal approach

optimising the outcome

building team spirit

avoiding disputes & friction

open to original ideas

clear and concise

responsive to group wishes

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